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John McCusker mccusker at ABACUS.MC.DUKE.EDU
Tue Apr 30 09:44:09 EST 1996


Many of the ³species² in the genus Saccharomyces are no longer 
considered valid.  There is a 1992 review of Saccharomyces taxonomy 
(YEAST 8: 1 - 23) that places S. ellipsodeus isolates in the species S. 
cerevisiae, i.e. S. ellipsodeus is an invalid synonym for S. cerevisiae.  
However, there are a number of true species in the genus Saccharomyces, 
such as S. bayanus and S. paradoxus, which are ³sibling² species.  You 
might try doing a Medline author search for Gennadi I. Naumov who has 
done a considerable amount of work in this area.  I have some diploid S. 
bayanus and S. paradoxus strains that are available if you want them.  
Another source for different Saccharomyces species is the 
Centraalbureauvoor Schimmelcutlures (CBS Yeast Division, Julianalaan 67, 
2628 BC Delft, The Netherlands; fax +31 (0)15-782355).  Good luck.
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