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Thu Aug 1 13:03:05 EST 1996

Dear Drgon:

Working with yeast strain W303 I noticed that there is always 
considerable background growth when cells are plated on minimal FOA 
medium plus uracil. If you plate too few cells it might be difficult to 
pick a good crop of FOA resistant (ura3-) cells but they will come out 
very clear. If more cells are plated you must wait up to 1 week to pick 
the colonies that rise above the background, repurify them and re test on 
minimal - uracil. This residual growth might be starin dependent.

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On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Tomas Drgon wrote:

> Hi folks.
> I have a question: How many cells can you plate on FOA plate and still get
> selection? Is there an upper limit?
> Tomas Drgon
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> Vinarske zavody Pezinok pozdravuju vsetky pokrokove sily sveta!

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