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>Cathy's message below was typical of the "camaraderie" we experienced
>last week during the Madison Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
>meeting, sponsored by the Genetic Society of America (GSA).
>The three of us (SGD, YPD and NCBI) just spent a week together in
>Madison in the "computer-demo-room".  It was great to see all the
>users, having the opportunity to show you our tools, and to spend the
>time with you all.  It was a very busy week, and therefore a success as
>far as we where concerned!

Madison was a great place for a yeast meeting.  There is a very nice
community and a perfect place for the community of yeast to assemble.
The meeting was a great success for SGD.  E-mail is good but seeing
and discussing ideas with people face-to-face is always more
productive, and a lot more fun.

You should already see some changes to the SGD pages as a result of
the Madison meeting.  Many people had suggestions for changes that
would make information easier to obtain.  We should have several more
enhancements added very soon.  You'll also find a few more cross-links
between SGD and NCBI's Entrez pages.

I encourage everyone to send suggestions or questions to the SGD, the
e-mail address is below.  We do appreciate the suggestions and believe
this is helping make the SGD resource more useful to the yeast
community, and as a result useful to everyone else too.

If you have a lab Web page and would like it added to the Yeast
Virtual-Library page please sent me the URL.

> ... stuff deleted ...
>A big "Thank You" to Mark Johnston (co-chair) and Fred Winston
>(co-chair) and all the members of the organization committee for
>organizing this year's meeting.  It was a great success, all around!

We (SGD) also wish to thank Mark and Fred plus the Genetics Society of
America staff all of whom assisted us in arranging the computer demos
at Madison.


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