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>>Cathy's message below was typical of the "camaraderie" we experienced
>>last week during the Madison Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
>>meeting, sponsored by the Genetic Society of America (GSA).
>>The three of us (SGD, YPD and NCBI) just spent a week together in
>>Madison in the "computer-demo-room".  It was great to see all the
>>users, having the opportunity to show you our tools, and to spend the
>>time with you all.  It was a very busy week, and therefore a success as
>>far as we where concerned!
>Madison was a great place for a yeast meeting.  There is a very nice
>community and a perfect place for the community of yeast to assemble.
>The meeting was a great success for SGD.  E-mail is good but seeing
>and discussing ideas with people face-to-face is always more
>productive, and a lot more fun.
>You should already see some changes to the SGD pages as a result of
>the Madison meeting.  Many people had suggestions for changes that
>would make information easier to obtain.  We should have several more
>enhancements added very soon.  You'll also find a few more cross-links
>between SGD and NCBI's Entrez pages.
>I encourage everyone to send suggestions or questions to the SGD, the
>e-mail address is below.  We do appreciate the suggestions and believe
>this is helping make the SGD resource more useful to the yeast
>community, and as a result useful to everyone else too.
>If you have a lab Web page and would like it added to the Yeast
>Virtual-Library page please sent me the URL.
>> ... stuff deleted ...
>>A big "Thank You" to Mark Johnston (co-chair) and Fred Winston
>>(co-chair) and all the members of the organization committee for
>>organizing this year's meeting.  It was a great success, all around!
>We (SGD) also wish to thank Mark and Fred plus the Genetics Society of
>America staff all of whom assisted us in arranging the computer demos
>at Madison.
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I would like to add my thanks to the organisers of the meeting.  It's
always a bit worrying to cart equipment a long way from home in the hope
that everything arrives on time and in the right place.  The GSA staff
were most helpful and on the ball.  Added to this I learned a lot and
had a very good time.

Regards to all,

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