K.lactis problems??

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Thu Aug 22 07:09:37 EST 1996

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> Hi there, has anybody ever had any problems with creating mutants via
> gene replacement in K.lactis?? I've done a couple of experiments by
> electroporating my replacement construct into the cells, and so far only
> approx 0.5% of transformed cells have the expected gene replacement. Is 
> this construct/locus/strain dependant and does anybody have any solutions/
> answers? Thanks.

Hi. This proportion of correct mutants is quite in the range of what can
be expected for disruptions in Kluyveromyces yeasts. I have made two
different gene disruptions in the same locus of a strain of K. marxianus
and the proportion of correct mutants was quite different for each. I do
not know if there is any way to increase the proportion of correct

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