What is Best Strain for Two-Hybrid?

Mike Faughn mrfaughn at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Aug 22 09:54:39 EST 1996


I am about to start screening a library using the 2hybird and was
wondering what people's opinions were of the various yeast strains
available for this.  I DEFINITELY want to be able to use a triple drop
out system with His being the reporter for the interaction (I believe
this is standard anyway).  My library is in pGAD424 and my bait is in
pGBT9.  I am aware of a couple of strains, CG1945 and HF7c, and am
wondering which is best or if there are other good ones???  

I have also noticed that background His expression can be problematic
and that something called 3AT is used to minimize the problem.  Can
anyone bring me up to speed on this aspect of yeast biology???

thanks to anyone who can help get me rolling ('cause I gotta graduate
mike faughn, Dept. of Genetics, NCSU

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