YEp51 and/or pSJ101 (s. johnson's)

IMV Computers rklittle at
Thu Aug 29 14:36:42 EST 1996

Hey Yeastie folks...

Does anyone have the sequence of the plasmids YEp51 (2 micron, LEU, 
pBR322 based made i think by James Broach) or pSJ101 (made by steve 
johnson, a derivative of YEp51 with the betagalactosidase gene od E. 
coli in it)?  If so could you kindly email it to me at 
makrol at  ?  

This would save me tons of work!!

In return you will earn my eternal gratitude, and several free beers (or 
other beverage of your choice) the next time the Yeast meeting is held 
here in Madison, WI!!

Many thanks in advance!!

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