Zymolyase Alternatives

stanyon at wehi.edu.au stanyon at wehi.edu.au
Fri Aug 30 21:08:06 EST 1996

Hi Peter
	Two alternatives exist: Lyticase (BoehringerM) is a cheaper form
of zymolyase, while glusulase (Sigma?) is also used in spheroplasting. I have
used both, to spheroplast yeast before lysing with phenol/acid-washed glass
beads, but not for the purpose of transfection.

Good luck. 


PS. If you don't have much joy with spheroplasting for trasnfection, I have a
guaranteed LiAc protocol, well-optimised, which we routinely use for library
screens - as much as 10^7 transformants from 75ug DNA.  

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