PCR using Yeast colonies-info wanted

Atsushi Isoai, Ph.D. aisoai at agc.co.jp
Tue Dec 3 21:30:50 EST 1996

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>I am going to try to pcr a fragment out of yeast genomic DNA.  I seem to
>remember a post that descibed adding some yeast straight from a plate
>the reaction and letting the 95degrees lyse it.  Anyone know the details
>this and how well it works?
>Thanks...John Stebbins

Hi, John.
Please try "http://flosun.salk.edu/users/forsburg/pcr.html".
The title of this page is;
[ Colony PCR for discrimination between homologous
and nonhomologous integration of markers in S. pombe ]
In this page, the author says "Do not boil the (cell) 
suspensions! (befor pcr) " (^_^). I believe it's useful 
for you.
BTW I also have web-space at;
In this site I collect several "yeast" sites, offering
many useful information including experimental protocols
using yeast. Please try it too !

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