Can MUG difuse into intact yeast cells/ Correction

Gijs van Rooijen vanrooij at ACS.UCALGARY.CA
Fri Dec 6 13:30:54 EST 1996

As most of you probably understood the substrate for GUS is
methylumbelliferyl glucuronide and not methylumbelliferone as mentioned
in my previous posting. 

Apologies for this mistake, the correct posting is as follows: 

I am a plant molecular biologist and I am planning to test some plant
signal sequences in yeast using b-glucuronidase (GUS) as a reporter. 

Does anybody out there know whether methylumbelliferyl glucuronide (the
fluorogenic substrate for GUS) is able to difuse into intact yeast and
be converted to MU by a cytosolic expressed GUS (and difuse out into the

Gijs van Rooijen

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