CANDIDA ALBICANS .....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Beau Gales YBXD10A at
Mon Dec 9 23:09:45 EST 1996

My daughter started having a problem about a week ago, her tongue turned 
dark, became very coated, and we just thought it was because she had had 
a flair up of sinus and was sleeping with cough drops...but last night 
she tried to clean her tongue and it started bleeding.  I took her to the 
doctor today and he really didn't say much of anything...we live in a 
tiny town and our doctor is about 75 years old...he seemed to immediately 
recognize it, said it was hard to cure, but never really named it, nor 
would say how she contracted it...he gave her NYSTATIN ORRAL SYSPENSION...
I began reading about the medication and it said it was to cure Candida 
albicans...I then went to the WWW and tried to find more about this, but 
had some problems, anyway at one sight it referred me to 
question is WHAT is this "disease?"  How does one contract it?  What I 
read on the web that it was most common in women of child bearing age; or 
those HIV daughter is neither, she is almost 50; and not 
HIV positive

I would greatly appreciate any information you could share with me about 
this "disease." Thanks so very much.

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