Bad media from Difco

Dr. Joe S. Mymryk jm8v at AVERY.MED.VIRGINIA.EDU
Thu Dec 12 21:42:47 EST 1996

As reported by Kyle Cunningham on Nov. 18, we have also noticed slower 
growth of yeast on drop-out media made with Difco YEAST NITROGEN BASE
W/O AMINO ACIDS AND AMMONIUM SULFATE (Catalog number 0335-15-9, Lot
This slow growth didn't pose much of a problem in drop-out media
containing dextrose (except extra time wasted waiting for colonies to
show), but would not allow growth of a W303 derived strain on drop-out
media with galactose as a carbon source.

We were puzzling over this for a while until we found Kyle's posting.

Thanks Kyle for bringing this to our attention!

Joe Mymryk

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