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Thomas O Westerling westerli at cc.Helsinki.FI
Fri Dec 13 10:00:21 EST 1996

Namjin  Chung (nc1 at wrote:

: Dear Yeasers,

: I found this ad in the Web and it says that this company (Biospec) has 
: the machine for breaking yeast cells with glass beads in up to 8 
: microcentrifuge vials.  It seemed to do the same job as a conventional 
: vortex does, but in much efficiently and in less minutes.  

: But I really don't have any information about this machine and company.  
: Does anybody have experience with this machine?  Does this machine 
: generate heat which could kill proteins when you do an enzyme assay?  Are 
: there other companies making similar products?  Basically what I want to 
: know is what is a reliable machine do this job.  TIA.

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