Biospec Mini Bead Beater8

Hernan Espinoza espinoza at
Fri Dec 13 13:44:04 EST 1996

>Namjin  Chung (nc1 at wrote:

>: Dear Yeasers,

>: I found this ad in the Web and it says that this company (Biospec) has 
>: the machine for breaking yeast cells with glass beads in up to 8 
>: microcentrifuge vials.  It seemed to do the same job as a conventional 
>: vortex does, but in much efficiently and in less minutes.  

>: But I really don't have any information about this machine and company.  
>: Does anybody have experience with this machine?  Does this machine 
>: generate heat which could kill proteins when you do an enzyme assay?  Are 
>: there other companies making similar products?  Basically what I want to 
>: know is what is a reliable machine do this job.  TIA.

	We use one routinely.  It works great for grinding the lil'beasties
up.  Like all bead mills, it does heat up your extracts.  The protocol
we use is pretty simple.  The Masterbeater (if you saw it, you'ld know
why) lives in the cold room.  You lyse by thrashing the sample in 2-3
1min pulses and put the sample on ice for 2-3min between pulses.  Then
you spin....etc, etc.  I make just about all of my yeast lysates, this way,
and I've never had a problem.

Oh yeah, it's *REAL* loud.   

	-Hernan, who remembers without fondness the days before the

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