Yeast stabs

Richard Brennan brennan at
Fri Dec 20 11:50:21 EST 1996

Long-term storage: Add 10% Glycerol to overnight cultures store at -80C. Do 
not snap-freeze.

Medium term: Can be stored as slants on YPD agar in airtight 1oz bottles
(room temp).

Short-term: Can be kept for several weeks streaked on YPD plates at 4C
(NB some genotypes don't store well like this, notably sod mutants).

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Rico Laage (rico.laage at wrote:
: Hi its me again,
: we need a protocol for storage of  yeast , what kinds of stabs are best
: (glycerol or DMSO)...etc

: please answer fast x-mas is coming
: Rico 
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