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There where some problem on this WWW page, making it difficult for most of you to read these pages, and the ones pointed to by:

Thank you to Charlie Brenner for pointing this to me.  It should be all
OK now.

happy holidays.


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Dear Yeast friends,

A year or two ago, Frans Hochstenbach (then at NIH) started work on the
'NIH Campus Yeast interest Group' WWW page.

It's been an active page, and the source of useful information and
resources for the NIH yeast community, as well as for yeast interested
people world-wide.

I have now agreed to take responsibility for maintaining these pages,
and it is with great enthusiams that I do so.

The home page is still located at:

but note that many of the underlying pages have moved, or will move in
the near future (notably, Frans will soon move his pages to their new
new home, in Holland).

I'm always updating the 'people' page, and will continue to do so as I
receive updates from the various NIH groups.

Hope all are well, and I want to take this oppertunity to wish you all
the best and warmest wishes in this holliday season.



| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| GenBank Coordinator
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