response to heat stress

Wed Dec 25 13:28:54 EST 1996

Although I have not studied the heat stress response per se, I have often
"cured" yeast of their M dsRNA killer virus by growth at elevated temp. (as
originally described by R.B. Wickner in 1976).  I have noticed that among lab
strains in common use that lack known ts markers, the maximum temp. at which
colonies will form ranges from 37 to 39.5 C, with heat curing occurring at the
highest permissible temp. for each curable strain (i.e. strains with the L-A-HN
temperature-sensitive helper function).  This variation in the temperature at
which growth can occur probably is reflected in different temperatures at which
the heat stress response will occur, although I have never tested that.  I
would be curious if some of the heat stress experts can set us straight on
this.  Practically, I have found that the maximal growth permissive temp. for
each strain is quite reproducible, but must be empirically determined.

Mike Leibowitz
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

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