Response to Heat Stress?

Namjin Chung nc1 at
Tue Dec 24 14:03:33 EST 1996

Dear Yeasters,

Many yeasters are probably staying at home around this time of year, but
anyway I have following experience which I'm not sure if it is not

Grow yeast cells at 30C until OD reaches around 0.5 (early-to-mid log
phase), and transfer to and incubate at 39C for 1 hr.  The result?

30C --> 30C (1hr): OD is, let's say, 0.8
30C --> 39C (1hr): OD is 0.9

This tells that yeast actually grow slightly faster under heat-stressed
condition!  I also tried the 'quick' transfer to 39C (i.e., cells were
spun down, and resuspended into pre-warmed (39C) medium), but the result
was same.  

I don't know if this is normal.  To stop yeast cell growth under
heat-stressed condition, what kinds of temp shift should be done?  A shift
at an earlier growht phase?  More drastic temp change like 25 -> 39 or 30
->45 ?  

Is there any reference which describes about more systematic researches on
this matter?

Thank you in advance, and happy holidays!

Namjin Chung (Graduate Student)
Program in Molecular Cancer Biology
Duke University Medical Center, Box 3345
Durham, NC 27710 USA

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