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> Dear colleagues,
>  we want to start to work with yeast, and are looking for a good method
> book, any interesting web-sites about yeast or FAQ- lists....
>  any information is welcome
> thanx
> Rico
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Dear Rico,
I'm another novice in yeast research area, too.  For beginners' guide, try
'Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology, Guthrie and Fink (Academic
Press).' I (and I guess many others too) found it very useful in many
aspects, especially when I start new stuffs.  

For a starting point for a gene [product], check out Yeast Proteome Home
Page ( It has search interface which
could lead to a web page containing summarized, known facts about a gene,
and which also leads to Entrez medline.

Hope this helps,

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