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Tue Feb 6 09:10:02 EST 1996

In article <4f5vdt$snu at garuda.csulb.edu>, agonz at csulb.edu (Adolfo Gonzalez)

> I am looking for a manufacturer of micromanipulator glass
> needles.  If you know of any such mfg., please let me know.  We are
> currently making the needles out of 3mm O.D glass rods, but we would like to
> simplify our lives.
What you need to try is fiber optic cable.  This can be glued to a
capillary glass rod bent 90 degrees at the end.  Light travels through the
fiber and you can see your spores on the end of the fiber.  A diameter
about 5-10 times the size of yeast is OK (25-50 micrometers).  I don't know
where to buy it.

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