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> Hi everybody,
> I am starting to look for an apparatus to do pulse field electrophoresis 
> and, well, BioRad could again very well be the best but it is also quite 
> expensive!! Anyone has tried some other brand with good results? 
> Pharmacia makes one that is about half price of BioRad: anyone has used 
> it? Before I forget, this is to separate cerevisiae chromosomes...
> Thanks everybody,
> Pierre Belhumeur
> Microbiology, U. of Montreal
> belhumep at 

We had our own built by the people in our machine shop.  Total cost
excluding platinum and chilled water bath was around $300.  The
plexiglass apparatus and electrical diagrams were available through
the CSH Yeast course.  It isn't as flashy as the commercial units but
it gets the job done.  We run the apparatus using a simple PC
program controlling a digital IO board that runs the switching box.

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