PCR from yeast preps

killer yeast vvsvetlov at utmem1.utmem.edu
Wed Feb 7 21:33:32 EST 1996

In article <199602052150.PAA27949 at icarus.cc.uic.edu>, u42272 at UIC.EDU wrote:

>Does anyone have experience
> using yeast plasmid preps (zymolyase) directly with PCR? Thank you.

Screw zymolyase. I've been PCR-cloning genes and generating mutants using
both genomic and plasmid preps derived from rapid-release
(glass-beads-Triton-phenol-chloroform-vortex) DNA. Methods are available
in CPMB and the white book. Email me if you can't find the protocol.
V. Svetlov


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