how to observe cell shape

Etsuko Kiyokawa, M.D. kiyokawa at CRICK.NIH.GO.JP
Tue Feb 13 06:20:22 EST 1996

Dear yeast netter
I am a graduate student and yeast beginner. 
I disrupted my gene with leu2 marker (thank you for many advisements). I
checked them with colony  PCR, recommended by Arnoud Kal (NAR 23 no 23, p.
4924-4925 (1995).). It works quite well for us.
Next I observed its morphology change with light microscopy without special
I cannot detect any significant change......I'm afraid I could not watch
them precisely.
My question is what is the ordinary method for morphology observation, ie.
fixation (or  not needed), staining (or  not needed) microscopy (or  not
Thank you in advance.

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