Neo resistant yeast expression plasmid

Scott Vande Pol sbv at
Tue Feb 13 14:05:01 EST 1996

	  I know that the yeast I use are sensitive to G418, and that the neomycin
resistance gene will confer resistance.  Has anyone out there made a yeast
episomal plasmid that can be selected with G418 that they would be willing
to send me?? I am trying to express from another plasmid in my favorite
yeast strain but I have run out of selectable markers.  I put the mammalian
pSV2neo gene into a 2u plamid but it did not work.  Presumably, expression
was too poor to get resistance.  Has anyone made something that works?

Scott Vande Pol
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Pathology
Cleveland Oh. 44106
sbv at

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