Frozen competent YRG-2 cells made by Stratagene

C Monfries cmonfrie at
Wed Feb 14 15:30:56 EST 1996

Is there anyone out there who knows what method Stratagene are using to 
make their YRG-2 frozen competent cells? I am using these cells at the 
moment in the two-hybrid system but would like to be able to transfect my 
own clones with the cDNA library - i.e., screen sequentially.
It seems likely that the method uses 2-mercaptoetanol or DTT with 
Sorbitol added to the media and plates to increase cell viability. The 
only method I have found so far is that of Brzobohaty & Kovac (1986). 
Have there been any modifications or improvements since then?

Thanks in advance,

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