5-FOA half-life in solid and liquid media

Jose Miguel Lopez Coronado jmlopez at ibmcp.upv.es
Wed Feb 14 07:51:43 EST 1996

nandu at curagen.com (Krishnan Nandabalan) wrote:

>Dear yeast-netters,
>Could someone give me info regarding 5-FOA half-life in media (solid and
>liquid). Has anyone ever attempted to enrich ura minus cells by growing on
>5-FOA liquid medium?

I don't know the 5-FOA half-life, but I've worked with this compound
to isolate colonies wich had lost the plasmid containig the URA3
marker. I've used the protocol described in the following reference:

Boeke et al. Mol. Gen. Genet.(1984) 197:345-346.

It's convenient to grow the cells in a non-selective medium prior to
plate them in FOA plates.

I hope this information may be useful for you.
Sincerely J.M. Lopez-Coronado.

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