Neo resistant yeast expression plasmid

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Thu Feb 15 10:35:12 EST 1996

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> Greetings 
> I know that the yeast I use are sensitive to G418, and that the neomycin
> resistance gene will confer resistance.  Has anyone out there made a yeast
> episomal plasmid that can be selected with G418 that they would be willing
> to send me?? I am trying to express from another plasmid in my favorite
> yeast strain but I have run out of selectable markers.  I put the mammalian
> pSV2neo gene into a 2u plamid but it did not work.  Presumably, expression
> was too poor to get resistance.  Has anyone made something that works?

Here is a reference that describes various cassettes conferring G418
resistance in cerevisiae, but I have not tried them myself.  I think the
resistance gene is driven by a powerful promoter, raising the possibility
that the gene product would alter strain characteristics.  

Wach et al, New heterologous modules for classical or PCR-based gene
disruptions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  Yeast.  10(13):1793-808, 1994

Good luck, David Roof

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