Sacchromyces changing color from white to red

Richard Friedman friedmrd at
Sat Feb 17 18:09:09 EST 1996

Recently, the S. cerevisiae strain, AB1380, carrying a YAC have started
off white but by the 2nd day of growth have become red. I am growing them
in media which is supposed to be selective for those which are carrying
the YAC (YCD -uw).

What is the significance of the red color?

Also, I seem to be getting very little chromosomal DNA from these red
colored yeasts. I'm wondering if the color shift is due to anaerobic
growth even though I'm growing them on a rotor with 10 ml media in a 50 ml

Finally, why are yeasts grown on a rotor not a shaker like E. coli?

You'll have to forgive this old Drosophilist who is making his first foray
into growing up yeast outside of a container of malted barley and sugar.

Thanks for your help

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