Ade2 Red Compound?

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>I was always told it was SAICAR but that forms downstream of ade1/2 
>function, so that must be in error.  As I recall, cells must also be
>respiratory competent to develop the color. 

As a ugrad, I did some work in developing a screen in Neurospora
of vacuolar-ATPase function based on the ad3a mutation.  This work
was initially done by Foury in Saccharomyces.  Basic idea: knockout
of V-ATPase function turned red ade mutants back to wildtype color.
This can be used as a screen for V-ATPase mutants.

Here is what I believe is the reference:
 Foury F.
     The 31-kDa polypeptide is an essential subunit of the vacuolar ATPase in
     Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
   Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1990 Oct 25, 265(30):18554-60.

I hope that helps.

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