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> From: claros at (Manuel G. CLAROS)
> Subject: Yeast competent frozen

> I have heard something about freezing and storing competent yeast cells.
> Is it true?
> Is there a method described? where?
> Can I hope that someone will help? ;-)

Dear Manuel,

this has been discussed many times in this newsgroup, and I suggest you
consult the archive for the many answers.

One way yo check this out is via gopher:

take your gopher machine to:
and then choose:

 -->  6.  Saccharomyces Information/
   -->  16. Yeast BioSci Electronic Conference Archive Index <?>


competant frozen cells  

as search terms generated 256 hits (probably the maximum on this server)

Going through the WWW at this URL:

I see lots of hits as well ... too many to report here!



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