PCR with oligos ds

Depto. Biologia Celular bc2biced at lucano.uco.es
Wed Feb 21 10:30:27 EST 1996

	I work cloning a mutated gene of yeast in E.Coli. The mutation's 
plan use two PCR to obtain the altered gen. With the first PCR I obtain 
the primer sense to the second PCR, but when I do the the PCR was'nt work.
	I think that is a problem to use like a primer sense doubled stranded.
I have discarded the formation of secondary structures on the primer.

	Someone know a possible reason of this problem?

Thank you

Carlos Santos
Dept. of Cell Biology
Univ. of Cordoba
Cordoba SPAIN

E-mail bc2biced at lucano.uco.es

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