his3-200 deletion

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> Hello all,
> Does anybody know where the his3 delta 200 deletion begins in S. cerevisiae?
> Is the entire HIS3 open reading frame deleted and does the deletion extend
> into PET56?
> Thanks,
> Sophia

        The sequence surrounding the boundaries of the deletion is shown
below (the deleted DNA is in lower case).  I'm pretty sure this is right (I
think I got the information out of a Kevin Struhl paper in NAR ~ 1986), but
if anyone knows differently, please let me know.

upstream of HIS3--CCTTTCCCGCAATTTTCTTTTTCTattactcttggcctcctctagt................
downstream of HIS3--cgcgctttccttttttctttttGCTTTTTCTTTTTTTTTCTCTT.............

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