Nancy A. Markley markley at acs.ucalgary.ca
Thu Feb 22 13:20:53 EST 1996

I've been trying to stain S.pombe cells with DAPI/Calcofluor but
the DAPI will not stain the cells although the calcofluor will.
The final concentration of DAPI I used was 1 ug per ml of cells.
I incubated the DAPI/Calcofluor with the cells for 10 minutes at
room temperature in the dark followed by two washes with PBS.
When viewing the cells, only those cells that are damaged will
stain with DAPI.  I was under the impression that DAPI is
lipophilic and can enter the cells without the need for
permeablization.  Is this not the case?  Does anybody have a
procedure that I can use?  Thanx in advance. :)

Ameet Sengar
assengar at acs.ucalgary.ca

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