Journal of "Yeast"

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Tue Feb 27 01:07:21 EST 1996

> From: pamornra at (Amornrat PHONGDARA)
> Subject: Journal of "Yeast"

> 	Anybody could provide the adress of publisher where I can 
> subscribe the journal "Yeast"

Dear Amornrat,

I found the information below on the Wiley (the publisher of YEAST)
WWW site at:



| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| GenBank
| francis at   

PS I'm am not related to YEAST or Wiley, just a happy reader.

     Customers in North, South,          Customers outside of North,
     and Central America, write to:      South, and Central America, 
                                         write to:

     John Wiley & Sons, Inc.             John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
     Subscription Department             Journals Administration Department
     605 Third Avenue                    Baffins Lane, Chichester
     New York, NY 10158-0012, USA        W. Sussex PO19 1UD England
     Telephone: 1-212-850-6645           Telephone: +44 243 779777
     Fax: 1-212-850-6021                             (0243) 779777
     E-Mail: SUBINFO at JWILEY.COM          Fax: +44 243 775878


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