yeast strain expressing T7 polymerase

Dan Baggott dbaggott at
Tue Feb 27 15:27:14 EST 1996

Assuming you mean T7 RNA polymerase, look at Benton et al. 1990. MCB
10:353-60.  You also might find these articles interesting:  Pinkham et
al. 1994. MCB 14: 4643-52 and Chen et al. 1987. Cell 50:1047-55.

However, while it has been shown that you can get specific transcription
of target genes from a T7 promoter (nuclear localized; on plasmid or
integrated), I don't know of anyone who has also seen translation of the
transcript.  Presumably the transcripts from T7RNApol don't make it out
of the nucleus.  In the Pinkham et al. paper, they do get translation,
however in their case, the target gene is integrated into the
mitochondrial genome and the T7RNApol they express also localizes to the

If you're interested in AB701-Sc3696 (from the Chen et al. paper
mentioned above) drop me email.

Dan Baggott
Reed College Biology Dept.
Portland, OR

jupin at (Isabelle Jupin) wrote:
>Dear netters,
>I am looking for a yeast strain expressing T7 polymerase, either from a
>chromosomal integration, or from an expression vector.
>If anyone of you has such a beast or knows to whom I can refer to, thank
>you for dropping a line on my e-mail.
>Isabelle Jupin
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