Please Help me!! Cloning in Sacchromyces

Julie Polta jpolta at
Wed Feb 28 10:51:32 EST 1996

I am trying to clone a 2 kb C. albicans gene that just will not clone in
e. coli (Sure2 or HB101)!!  We have it in two genomic fragments but we can
not clone the whole genomic fragment or the PCR product of the whole
gene.  We know that the gene has codon usage typical of c. albicans which
is to say diff from e. coli.  I have to clone the gene because I want to
disrupt it with a hisg/URA3 disruption cassette.  

My question is this:  Can I use sacchromyces to clone the gene and all 
subsequent manipulations.  I am getting desperate.

Thanks for your help.

Chris Ferrer
cferrer at

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