Allen Donald Allen.Donald at BBSRC.AC.UK
Fri Jan 5 07:39:27 EST 1996

Hello Joerg

I agree with Andrei that the ADH2 promoter would be worth trying. I did 
some yeast expression work using a shuttle vector called pFLAGU2. 
Expression is driven by the ADH2 promoter(which is glucose repressible), 
and the original cloning work was carried out in E.coli. Two of the genes 
I cloned into this vector were expressed in E.coli as well as yeast. I 
can only assume that it was the ADH2 promoter that was working in both 
cases. The level of expression appeared to be similar in both cases (as 
judged by the appearence of a halo on a casein plate when testing a 
proteae gene).

Good Luck


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