Replica Blocks/Velveteen Squares

Fri Jan 5 20:35:38 EST 1996

Dr. Singer -

Replicatech, Inc. produces replica blocks and collars of various sizes
(pat.pend.), sewn reusable velveteen squares, velveteen drying racks, prongers
(hedgehogs, froggers), and templaters for use by classical geneticists and
molecular biologists.

We are proud to introduce our new world wide web site for the new year.  We have
also expanded our automated fax-on-demand system to include product and ordering
information, expanded protocols on how to use our products, as well as
information on the courses and meetings that we sponsor. The answers that you
need will automatically be faxed to you by calling either (800) 748-7484 or
(609) 987-8025 24 hours / day. 
The best from all of us at Replicatech, Inc.

David James, Marketing Manager
Replicatech, Inc., P.O. Box 7484, Princeton, NJ 08543-7484

(800) 748-7484 or (609) 987-8025
World Wide Web:
Email: 71604.2762 at  Fax: (609) 987-9720

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