Replica Block Aquisition

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Sat Jan 6 17:43:09 EST 1996

I would like to remind Michael (and all others) that it is always a
good idea (although not mandatory) to include a disclamer in a post 
like this one.  Something like:

"I have no direct connection to this company except
 for being a happy user of their product"

This is not a bionet/BIOSCI "rule" (as far as I know) but a netiquette

Also adds value to your post if it's clear you are getting any

(I know that Michael is not associated with Owl Scientific, 
 but simply a soon-to-be-un-furloughed-US-government-employee ;-)


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> > Doeas anyone out there no a company that sells a replica block?
> > 
> > Warren Kruger
> Owl Scientific
> PO Box 566
> Cambridge MA 02139
> Makes a nice metal one.
> -- 
> Michael Lichten
> lichten at

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