PCR from yeast genomic DNA

Jon Stewart jds2 at ufcc.ufl.edu
Sun Jan 7 20:00:03 EST 1996

I need to PCR amplify two Saccharomyces genes of approx. 1000 bp, 
neither of which contains an intron according to the sequence database.  
Since I have never attempted PCR from yeast genomic DNA, I have some 
questions.  Is it possible to use the S. cerevisiae genomic DNA (> 100 
kb) sold by Promega ($95 / 100 ug) for this purpose?  My other simple 
choice is the Clontech Quick cDNA ($310 / 20 reactions).  Obviously, if 
the Promega genomic DNA will work, I can find other uses for the $200 
price difference :-).  In addition, any hints or special tricks for 
running these PCR reactions would be greatly appreciated.

Jon Stewart
Department of Chemistry
University of Florida

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