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Tue Jan 9 08:30:14 EST 1996

Erik W. Marke
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CH 9548 Matzingen
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Erik Marke -

We are concerned about the situation that you described in the attached e-mail
message that you sent to us and have forwarded it onto a few user groups that
should be able to offer great assistance. We have also forwarded under seperate
cover a copy of our brochure and the name of the international distributor that
carries some of our products, as per your request. 

We hope that the user groups will be able to answer the questions that you
addressed to us. Please keep us informed of your progress. If we may be of any
further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards, 

David James, Marketing Manager
Replicatech, Inc., P.O. Box 7484, Princeton, NJ 08543-7484 USA
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RE: 	baker's yeast, methods of producing, .....


first please excuse my bad english.

the reason why i get in contact with you, is that we have got a big problem with
our baker's yeast producing company near by.

about 30% of the living people in town (~300) are complaining about asthma,
vomit, headach, and so on.

they are laying (not telling us the truth) all the time and we have always to
tell them 
its not true it's like that than they say oh yeh, that's right.

at the moment there are some questions we would like to ask you.

1.      which methods are there for producing baker's yeast (we know about
sulphur, but are there more)?
2.      which of them are working correctly in factories?
3.      can something been told about the cost of the installation and running
and clean the waste water for the different methods?
4.      which methods are there for cleaning waste water?
5.      can something been told about these costs?
6.      do you have a swiss or german reseller for your products?

could you please forward us your documentation about the thing of baker's yeast
producing and getting rid of the waste water. It would be very kind of you.

My Adress:

Erik W. Marke
Frauenfelderstrasse 82
CH 9548 Matzingen

thanks for any response.

best regards

Erik W. Marke
(in the name of ~300 people)

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