come visit the NEW YEAST TRANSFORMATION Homepage

Thu Jan 11 13:00:31 EST 1996

Hello to all yeast buddies
   Those of you in need of information about How To transform Yeast with a
high efficiency can now access the Yeast TRANSFORMATION Homepage set up by
This page contains info about the best method for high efficiency
transformation  protocol as well as methods that we use for TWO Hybrid
system transformation.
There is also;
             a collections yeast transformation references, 
             a quick and easy transformation protocol
             a frozen competent yeast cell protocol that really works

   I am in the process of setting up a TRAFO FAQ to help answer some those
questions that everyone has about this method. In addition I will be
putting together an electroporation TRAFO page.
   If you visit, leave me note about what else you think could be useful.
The Address is

I know it is a long URL but this is the University of Manitoba!

Hope to hear from you!


P.S.  Oh Yah, it is still under construction so keep clearing that cache!

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