Good Isogenic Yeast strain pair

Thu Jan 11 12:42:11 EST 1996

Hello to Everyone
   I have a question for the collective minds of the yeast community!  I
am planning a mutant search for genes involved in DNA uptake and
establishment (TRANSFORMATION) in our favorite organism Saccharomyces
cerevisiae.  Because this is a trait likely affected by many genes I would
like to have a pair of isogenic strains to start with.  ONE to mutagenize
and search for mutants and another (isogenic with the exception of some
key markers to enable easy handling of mating and spore dissection and
analysis).  I have switched some strains with Gal1-HO and found that the
two strains that i  successfully switched did not sporulated with an
acceptable efficiency, when mated back to their parent strains.
   So I guess what I need is one strain that when switched and mated back
to its parent sporulates well!  I hate to be more demanding but the strain
should have the classical auxotrophic markers ie.  trp1, leu2, ura3,& if
possible his3.  (deletion alleles prefered for trp1.)  I would be very
grateful if someone could send a pair of strains.  Alternatively, a single
strain that is known to sporulate after mating type switching and mating
back to its parent is acceptable.  I will do the switching and subsequent
strain construction myself if need be.

Thanks in advance for your help
Please forward this request to anyone you think may help.

R.Daniel Gietz
Assistant Professor
Department of Human Genetics
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Tel.: 204-789-3458
Fax.: 204-786-8712
e-mail.: gietz at BLDGHSC.LAN1.UMANITOBA.CA
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