Yeast codon preference table

Barbara Dunn bdunn at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Jan 11 15:37:34 EST 1996

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Tomas Drgon wrote:

> Hi folks. 
> Can somebody give me a pointer to yeast nuclear codon preference table?

You can get codon usage tables for many organisms from
the following ftp/Web address: 
(For yeast you want the file:  ysc.cod and for E. coli you want: eco.cod)

You can get to the same codon usage tables by using the SGD gopher address:
gopher:// and then select "FTP Archives for 
Molecular Biology" and then select "Codon Usage Tables"

In addition, you can access the following Web URL's for even more recent 
codon usage statistics from the CUTG database (from Yasukazu Nakamura):

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