PCR from yeast genomic DNA

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Sat Jan 13 01:18:41 EST 1996

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> > I need to PCR amplify two Saccharomyces genes of approx. 1000 bp, 
> > neither of which contains an intron according to the sequence database.  
> > Since I have never attempted PCR from yeast genomic DNA, I have some 
> > questions.  
You can PCR yeast directly from colony or isolate DNA from liquid culture
by rapid release methods - protocols available in CPMB and in White yeast
methods book. I take 5-20 ug of genomic DNA per 100 ul reaction with Pwo.
Rapid cycling (5-10 sec each step) works the best - cleaner bands, no
non-specific amplifications. There are a lot of people working with yeast
around you, it should be easy to get some DNA or cells. If you can't get
it, send me your Fedex number - I'll send you some DNA from relatively WT


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