lexA antibodies searched

Erica Golemis EA_Golemis at fccc.edu
Sun Jan 14 16:37:17 EST 1996

Frank Schulte <frank.schulte at uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> Does anybody knows where to get lexA antibodies. We already searched the 
> Yeast BioSci archives and found only a one year old hint. Is there 
> something new in the meantime?
> Many thanks
> Frank
I am probably the archive you saw.  I am happy to send reasonable 
quantities of rabbit polyclonal antibodies to LexA to anyone who needs
them, and would appreciate receiving Fedex or DHL numbers along with
requests, if possible.  Commercially available antibodies are in the
works from various sources, and should be out sometime this spring if 
not already (although I haven't seen any listings yet).

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