Yeast molecular genetic papers- 2nd try

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Dear Dr. Hoffman:

Maybe you would consider including some classicals in the organelle field
There is the great review by Dujon:
Dujon, B. (1981). Mitochondrial genetics and functions. in The Molecular=20
Biology of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae - life cycle and=20
inheritance, editors: J.N. Strathern, E.W. Jones and J.R. Broach(505-

and I take the liberty of suggesting some papers that I value particularly:

Foury, F., & Tzagoloff, A. (1978). Assembly of the mitochondrial membrane=
system. Genetic complementation of mit- mutations in mitochondrial DNA=20
of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 253, 3792-

the first published report of a different genetic code:
Macino, G., Coruzzi, G., Nobrega, F. G., Li, M., & Tzagoloff, A. (1979).=20
of the UGA terminator as a tryptophan codon in yeast mitochondria.=20
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 76, 3784-3785.=20

the first overall genetic mapping of mtDNA:
Slonimski, P. P., & Tzagoloff, A. (1976). Localization in yeast=20
mitochondrial DNA of mutattions expressed in a deficiency of cytochrome=20
oxidase and/or coeenzyme QH2-cytochrome c reductase. European Journal of=20
Biochemistry, 61, 27-41.=20

a very neat and compreensive review to introduce the field:
Tzagoloff, A. (1977). Genetic and translational capabilities of the=20
mitochondrion. BioScience, 27, 18-23.=20
the paper that reports the discovery of the mit- mutants:
Tzagoloff, A., Akai, A., & Needleman, R. B. (1975). Assembly of the=20
mitochondrial membrane system: isolation of nuclear and cytoplasmic=20
mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with specific defects in=20
mitochondrial functions. Journal of Bacteriology, 122, 826-831.=20

As you know yeast is the preferential organism for studies of mitocondrial
functions due to its ability to survive the functional loss of the=20
respiratory ability and its ability to replicate with fidelity portions=20
of the mitochondrial genome (the cytoplasmic petite mutants)

I hope you would be convinced to add one of those papers to your interestin=
course. Please keep me informed of your golden papers list. I think this=20
course format is really fantastic.
One additional suggestion is to hunt for a proteome paper and to point out
for the post genomic era that is coming up very fast for yeast. I guess=20
Science or Nature recently  had interesting articles about the integrated=
study of gene products and phenotype, 2D protein electrophoresis. If you=20
missed it let me know.
Good luck for your graduate seminar and have a great 1996!


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