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Zhaomin Yang wrote:
> I tried to figure out how the
> genetic nomenclature works for S. pombe. It has been a totally
> confusion. 
                                          S. p
 A wildtype locus                        * arg4+ (+ superscript)                          
 A recessive or dom  allele             :* arg4- (ditto) or arg4
 The wild-type allele                    * arg4+
 A specific allele or mutation          * arg4-2
 A strain that doesn't require arginine  Arg+ or arg+
 A strain that requires arginine         Arg- or arg-
 The protein encoded by the gene         Arg4p (or Arg4 or arg4)
                             * Italic
Big difference #1:  No capitalization ever for genetic loci
Big difference #2:  No difference for dom/recessive

you will sometimes see in the older literature the allele designation
separated by a full stop (cdc2.33) instead of a hyphen (cdc2-33)
Also, allele designations may be compound (ie, ade6-M210, cdc2-3w), 
not simply numbers.

Protein designations are fluid;  the main difference is that they
are not italicized, but people vary as to whether they use 
capitalization or the appended p.  IMO, Cdc2p  is preferred but
you will also see Cdc2, cdc2, and cdc2p. 

There is a note about nomenclature on our pombe methods web page

Hope this helps!


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