Those tiny bubbles.....(in YPD plates)

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Thu Jan 18 02:03:09 EST 1996

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lichten at (Michael Lichten) wrote:

> Recent batches of my YPD plates have many tiny bubbles in them, 

Dissecting sucks. And when the autoclave does not work right those bubbles
is easy to come by... That would be a beginning lines of my
autobiographical necromaniac thriller. Actually on semisynthetic media for
some reason this stuff sometimes even worse. I a) do not mix agarized
media with sterile carbohydrate solutions (and I do not want to hear
anymore about "caramelization" - OK?!!!) and b) flame the plate so that at
least on the surface (and in focus) there are no those dumbass bubbles.
Sometimes it works, sometimes one needs to sacrifice a chicken.


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