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 -=> Quoting Arnoud Kal to All <=-
 AK> A week ago I posted a request for information about the TaKaRa
 AK> Aureobasidin selection system. The only replies I received were from
 AK> others who were also interested in experiences of yeast colleagues
 AK> with  this system, but who do not use the system themselves.
 AK> Apparently this selection system is too new and none of us has tried
 AK> it.... Maybe it is better if I  re-post the question in a few months.

  Arnoud Kal...I saw the ad also and called for more info.  They sent me
	a fax the same afternoon.   If I remember correctly each of the
	plasmids are $500...and get this, the aureobasidin is $500 per
	mg....*outrageous* price by anyones standards.  C'mon TaKaRa get
	real no one is going to pay even close to that.  The tech info
	says that the MIC is about 0.5-1 ug/ml so thats 1-2 liters of
	media to select, basically one experiment with a clone bank.
	 They say they are running a limited time special that you can
	get both plasmids
	and 1 mg of their proprietary antifungal for $500.  But
	remember, once you buy into their system you are stuck paying
	exorbitant prices for the selection each time.  I would not
	use this system unless they drastically lower the price of the
	aureobasidin, competitive with hygromycin.  It is almost worth
	developing a good Saccharomyces vector with hygromycin
	resistance, you can get it  from Sigma for a reasonable price.
	BTW...Does anyone have a Saccharomyces shuttle vector (E.coli)
	with a hygromycin r gene, drop me a note please...
		    Carotenoid-ally yours,

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